Different Purposes of a Green House

Some of the reasons people use greenhouses are to grow vegetables, flowers and protect certain plants from winter. Such people use small greenhouses that fit in their small backyards and homes.

But we have others who need to grow plants and flowers through the year for purpose of business. Such people require very big green houses. Therefore there different green houses styles and sizes depending on the need of the people.

Green houses are constructed to be either strong permanent or temporary structures which can be moved from place to place. Their construction can be done from various materials and the materials making the frames determine whether a particular greenhouse is permanent.

A temporary structure will need to be light for it to be mobile hence it requires to be made from light materials such as aluminum which has a light weight nature.

What are some styles of greenhouse? One style is the dome greenhouse which is a very strong green house. This appears as a half a ball placed on the ground. Dome greenhouse is ideal for areas with a lot of snow fall and though it may appear to lack solidity it’s the strongest of all green houses structures.

How much does it cost to erect this free standing structure? It will cost one a little more at the start due to amount of panels and materials it requires. But not to worry as it pays off since it has a longer life than others.

Another style of the greenhouse is a structure which is not free standing but is attached to another structure such as house. Such a style is the gable greenhouse.

Generally a gable greenhouse appears like a half a gable house. The type of greenhouse one chooses will depend on the factors like; the amount of space, individual needs, and the size of the green house one requires.