The US Is Making the Buildings Green With Plants

As early as 1998, some volunteers in the America have set up the committee of “nice and cool roofs” to advocate people to paint the roofs in the white color so as to enhance the reflection of the buildings to the sunlight and decrease the indoor temperature. This behavior can bring various benefits to people. For example, it can effectively save the energy, resist the global warming, decrease the urban heat land effect and improve the living standards.

Recently, a volunteer of the committee has made an experiment to test the temperature of a grey roof and a white roof. The result has shown that the temperature of the grey roof is 61.6 degrees centigrade and the temperature of the white roof is 37 degrees centigrade at 11:00 in the morning. It is said that if the plan of “nice and cool roof” is recommended all over the country, the emission of 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide can be decreased. The Department of Energy in America has fully advocated the plan. The ordinary citizens and enterprises can get drawback when they buy the materials.

What’s more, the Department of Energy even advocates people to make all the buildings green with plants. The website of the government even teaches people how to make the different parts of the house green. For example, the solar panels can be installed on the roofs and energy-saving lamps can be used inside the house. At the same time, California even set up a series of strict standards to save energy in the State so as to realize a “green California”, which is called the plan of “green California”.

The plan regulates that the buildings of newly built hospitals, schools and houses must make full use of water-saving pipes and the decorative materials containing low content of formaldehyde. At the same time, the coefficient of recovery of the wastes must reach as high as 50%, and the water consumption inside the houses should be saved by 20%. In fact, California has always done quite well in developing energy-saving buildings. For example, the famous science and technology museum is a good model of green buildings. The curtain wall made of glass can fully make use of natural sunlight so as to decrease the energy consumption caused by the electrical lighting. The experts agree that the plan of “green California” can further save energy, improve the indoor air and create a number of new jobs for people.